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What is a Bubble Cut Barbie? She is a Barbie doll that was made by Mattel between 1961 and 1967. Bubble Cuts were sold at the same time the Ponytail and Swirl Barbie. She gets her name from her bouffant hair style, just think of Jackie Kennedy and you have the style of the Bubble Cut Barbie. She is the easiest to find and afford of the Vintage Barbie due to her popularity and mass production. These dolls were produced by the thousands but each Bubble Cut looks a little different from her sisters. Bubble Cuts can be found in a variety of hair shades. She was found in light blonde, yellow blonde, white ginger, ash blonde, platinum, titian, brunette, brownette and jet black to name just a few colors and variations of her hair. Jet black and brownette are colors that are only found on the 1961 dolls. Jet black is as described and the rare brownette is a honey-toned brown shade. Another variation to the Bubble Cuts hair is the rare Side part Bubble Cut. Side part Bubble Cuts dolls have a part sewn on the right side of the doll's head simple combing the hair to one side does not make a side part. You can find Bubble cuts with a wide range of lip color, pinks, coral, and red, some white lip Bubble cuts have been found. The 1961 dolls have a tight course bouffant their faces are oily. The oily face does not detract from the doll's value. They came in a black and white striped swim suit. Later dolls came in a red helennca style swim suit. The oily faces of the 61 dolls are due to the type of plastic they were made of, the plastic was changed in 1962 so later dolls will not have the oily look. The head mold was change in 1962 also giving the Bubble cut a fuller face. The bouffant is more poofy in the 1962 dolls. All Bubble Cut dolls legs and arms do not bend but according to Barbie Bazaar there are some test market Bubble Cuts that have been found that have bendable legs.

Bubble Cut in Dinner at Eight

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