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The Vintage Barbie ® Ring

contains websites of COLLECTORS, DEALERS, SHOPS, and other people who help promote *the love of Vintage Barbie® dolls*. Joining this webring is like becoming part of a permanent, online show!

This ring was created on February 17, 1999.

There are no costs to join the ring, it is totally FREE!

ONLY those sites that contain actual Vintage Barbie® dolls created from 1959-1972 will be allowed to join this ring (reproductions are not accepted as actual vintage). Although, it's okay if you have other dolls, toys, or modern/repro, or designer Barbie ® on your site, but please do not join unless you have actual Vintage and Mod Barbies too!

This ring will allow surfers to go from site to site, (all containing Vintage and Mod Barbie® Dolls), until they come back to the site that they started with. Please, if you have other items on your site.... put the ring code ONLY on that page that contains the Vintage and Mod Barbie® dolls... or on a page that you keep separate for your Rings and/or Links. Please be sure to have a visible link from your main page to the ring so that those who are surfing the ring can easily find their way back to it after they have viewed your pages. There is nothing worse than following a ring link to a dead end!

If you are surfing the Ring and find a site that does not have the ring code on any of it's pages please email me.

The Ringmistress reserves the right to reject any site that is not in keeping with the standards upheld by this ring.


Need the OLD Webring Code Click Here!!

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This is what the new Yahoo Navigation Bar looks like.

Yahoo has purchased Webrings. All "New" Webrings members now must use the navigation bar code they provide. Yahoo uses a smaller design than our old one and old members are welcome to try the new navigation bar. E-mail me.for more information on how to pick up the new code. For our members who joined before 01 Sept 2000, Yahoo is allowing you to use the old design. New Members who join and who are not members of Yahoo will need to join Yahoo to pick up a Yahoo User Name and then will be allowed to join the webring. If you are a member of Yahoo already then follow the direction below to join this Ring, you must first send your web site information to the RingMaster. Please provide the information below and click Submit. Once the RingMaster accepts your site in the Ring, you will be instructed how to install the Ring navigation bar onto your site by a email you will also be able to pick the code up using Yahoo by using the "My Rings Option".

You can use the new and the old code to surf the ring if you like. Questions or problems E-mail me. Please note that if the ring fragment mua be added before or after joining the webring. The fragment must be on the page you submitted not a page linked from it. IF you do not wish to have Webring Code on your page do not join. Webring Manager reserves the rights to delete sites that do comply with webring standards or subject matter (about dolls).

Also please note that on occasion I will need to email all members about updates or so on. If any member takes my email list and uses it for their own purposes to spam the ring members then that ring member will be removed from the ring and the spam mails forwarded to their ISP. This type of activity is not allowed on the ring and is frowned upon by the entire internet community.

Also please note that I try to manage the queue at least once every week, if you have submitted your site it could take up to that long for your site to be added to the actual ring.


If you are already a member but need to update your info or you NOT need to get the new nav bar code for the ring, of course if you wish to use the new code instead you are free to do so. To edit your URL or Email address you will have to register with yahoo and go HERE to associate your yahoo id with your ring id#. The ring id is dollring all lower case and no spaces, you will also need your old ring id which can be found on your old code on your site it is the one that says id= your # will be right after that. You will also need your password you signed up with.
After signing up and associating your ring with yahoo you can go HERE to get the nav code and manage your site info.

This is the old Webring Design. Can only be used by those who were members before 01 Sept 2000.

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